Deforestation and How It Affects Us

Deforestation is basically clearing of the land on a massive scale leaving not much behind in the way of vegetation or animal habitat. If we continue at the rate we as a human race are going, all of earths forests could be destroyed within a hundred years. That is the sad reality of how quickly forests and habitats are being crippled by these forestry abominations.

Logging is a huge reason why deforestation exists today. Yes, we do use wood to build many things, but the deeper and deeper trucks must travel into the forest, the more they will have to destruct in order to reach their destination.

Now not all of it is caused by humans. There are things such as forest fires or overgrazing caused by animals that can lead to this cause as well.

70% of Earths land animals and plants live in forests and many of them will not survive outside of those landscapes once they’re destroyed. These are just the sad facts that people seem to want to ignore on a daily basis. We must take action against these acts and do something to better our future and give our children’s children the chance to observe the beauty that we have here today.

The simple solution to this would be to stop cutting down trees. However, financially we know that this most likely will not end up happening. A better possible solution may be to spot cut trees instead of clear cutting vast valleys and making sure that enough young trees are planted in their places so that nature can thrive and regrow itself in years to come.